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Documentation and tools to help you get started with Devkits and the Little Printer Publications API.

Little Printer

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Using the Publications API you can make your own publications which any Little Printer owner can subscribe to. Read the documentation, follow the examples, and use the tools to experiment and check your publications.


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To get your Devshield up and running with Raspberry Pi, Arduino or mbed boards, take a look at the getting started tutorial and start creating and experimenting with your first projects.


Brand new Dev Center

All the documentation for working with Devkits and Devshields and the Berg API is now on the Dev Center at our new site. (14 Mar 2014)

Little Printer publication examples

The Little Printer publication documentation has been revised recently. It now includes more thorough walkthroughs of example publications, and code is available in Ruby, Python and PHP. (30 Dec 2013)

BERG Cloud Blog

Follow the BERG Cloud blog for all the latest on Little Printer and BERG Cloud.

Robots & Clouds

Check out the Robots & Clouds blog where the engineering team share the challenges involved in creating the BERG Cloud platform.


Find plenty of example code on our BERG Cloud GitHub page.

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